Welcome to Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails & Ice Cream

Impress your guests with our delicious frozen cocktails. individualy customized
to make your next event unique and memorable!


321Chillz is an integrated mobile liquid nitrogen cocktail bar that
creates the smoothest, most delectable ice cream and frozen cocktails right
before your eyes at -321°F.


Why 321Chillz?

321Chillz uses only the freshest local ingredients to create delicious frozen creations in a mesmerizing cloud of mist right before your eyes. Our goal is to create an imaginative dessert experience, unforgettable to the palate, and we want to share this unique and amazing experience with you. It looks unique and tastes better than your traditional cocktails or ice cream. Our qualified and trained staff prepares these unique cocktails and ice cream at chilled -321°F. Let us create and serve your pre-party cocktails or chilled desserts in a magical way!  Contact 321Chillz today to book your next event!

Why Liquid nitrogen?

​Using liquid nitrogen you have a drink that is flavorful to the last sip and never watered down. These are drinks that you eat and sip, rather than drinking it.  Liquid nitrogen is odorless, tasteless, and colorless.  It freezes the drink very quickly so tiny ice crystals don't have a chance to form and is perfect because you can quickly freeze alcohol into a soft, slushy beverage.  The cocktail sorbets and dessert have an amazingly smooth, velvety texture.  We use the word "velvet" to describe how the frozen cocktails actually feel in your mouth.  And as always, the fog display is showy, unique and quite incredible!